LC Abogados

The spirit of our activity is to offer the best possible service. We believe it is important that the client feels attended to, and that they are always kept up-to-date with developments and that their case or problem is resolved quickly yet effectively. It is essential that both the client and Lawyer are commited to the case to optimize understanding and the solution.

We always try to analyze the case or problem entrusted to us in the most effective way, since to a large extent the success of the question in hand will depend upon the correct approach.

We believe that a good Lawyer must have at least two qualities: commitment and the ability to negotiate. The philosophy of our office has always been that of total commitment to our client in order to handle the issue entrusted to us in the best possible way. Likewise, we have always tried to avoid going to court whenever possible, trying to reach an out-of-court agreement with the other party, and formalising this agreement in the most effective way.

These are the guiding principles which we set ourselves from the beginning and experience has shown that they work:

Always negotiate

Why negotiate and not go to court? Our experience has confirmed that when lawyers have the case entrusted to them in their hands, that is to say, at the stage of negotiation, the outcome depends on their decisions, their expertise, and their negotiating skills. As soon as we enter the courtroom, the case no longer depends solely on the lawyer but on the corresponding ruling to be issued by a judge or magistrate. Furthermore, if we avoid the courts, we are saving money (lawyer, procurator, experts, etc.) and time, since courts today unfortunately are very slow.

It is true that on some occasions negotiation is not possible, such as when a cause is contentious or simply when no agreement can be reached.

Comprehensive service

The lawyer’s job is not only to solve problems; many times the lawyer has to foresee and pre-empt them. The lawyer is not only there to defend cases in court; very often we can avoid disputes if we have done our work correctly and taken the appropriate measures.

We try to adapt our services to meet the needs of every client, whether they are an individual, a company or an organisation. Our goal is to ensure that our clients exercise their activity with the due guarantee of legal certainty, thus avoiding potential problems.


and commitment

Every case is different. Every case requires individual attention. Every case is a commitment to the client. We thus try to offer quality, professionalism and immediacy.

The commitment that the lawyer assumes with each case entrusted to them by the client requires due attention, but also an in-depth knowledge of the matter. Therefore, we have always only accepted those cases that we are able and qualified to defend. It is important for lawyers to be honest with themselves and with their clients.